Thursday, May 26, 2016

Using Vault in Your Job Search

Over the past academic year, this blog has discussed the benefits of sites like LinkedIn and Careerealism, and for my last post as an intern here, I thought I’d shed some light on Vault.  You have free access to this valuable tool through Job Zone - find it on the main Job Zone menu once you login, on the right column.  This career intelligence website is geared toward employers and new or transitioning professionals seeking employment alike. It provides readers with comprehensive reviews of companies, job opening information, advice on resume composition and interviewing, and partners with colleges (RIT included) to assist any student, staff member, or alum in their career search. Additionally, Vault offers more than 100 career guidebooks that are focused on specific industries, periods in an individual’s career development, internship programs, managing finances, and more. They provide users with the tools for success, so in that same vein, here are some do’s and don’ts for utilizing Vault as an RIT alum: 

1.       DO start with general industry research, then delve deeper into your projected area of interest. For instance, the “Wealth Management” guidebook section offers guides on that general sector of employment, but also on hedge fund jobs, private equity, investment management, and venture capital positions. Once you know the facet of an industry in which you’d like to work, that guidebook will be the most helpful for you.
2.       DON’T overwhelm yourself with the amount of available information. For instance, in the “Resume” section of Vault, there are several blog posts regarding formatting, deciding what type of resume to create, putting resumes and cover letters together, etc. Try to zero in on what you truly need assistance with first. If you find that you require more information, rather than pouring over every blog post, search the website and gain specific insight that way.
3.       DO check the job board for available positions. Websites that are not affiliated with a university in some capacity may provide you with some job openings, but they may not be the safest place to look. The jobs on Vault are accompanied by rankings of their respective companies, as well as reviews from people who have worked there. You’ll find real and accredited positions that are updated daily.
4.       DON’T just apply for a full-time or internship position because it’s “trending” on the website. Sure, those internships are worth looking into, but if they do not engage your passions or interests, then popularity of the company should not be a prime reason to pursue them. Don’t, however, discount these positions either. RIT partners with relatively large companies with high-rankings and the high profile of a position that truly interests you should not be a deterrent.
5.       DO follow Vault on social media and subscribe to email updates. Getting the scoop on an industry, company, or position right at its release will give you a leg up if you decide to apply. Vault is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. On the latter, for instance, they have one board devoted to snippets of advice from experts in various fields. A quick perusal of that site may provide you with just the career development advice that you need.
6.       DON’T discount the power of networking. Vault’s blog also goes into detail about expanding your professional network, identifying key players in your network, and how to maintain rapport with the people in it. “Networking” may sometimes seem like just a buzzword, but knowing how to strategically navigate through career development situations while being backed by a solid network can afford you more professional opportunities.

Want to learn more? Check out Vault’s website and whether you’re transitioning between careers or industries, a new graduate seeking employment, or are simply curious about the available rankings and reviews information, you’ll benefit from its partnership with RIT. 

Hayley Johnson, RIT Career Services Graduate Intern

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