Monday, January 11, 2016

Is 2016 Your Year to Advance Your Education?

So, you’ve obtained a Bachelor’s degree. Perhaps you’ve started your career, perhaps you’re still hunting for a satisfying position, or perhaps you’re looking for a job change. Thinking about going back to school? RIT has you covered. Here are some reasons to acquire a Master’s degree (or even a PhD) from your alma mater, along with a brief overview of some of the programs we offer.
1.       Advance within your field. RIT awards Master’s degrees in programs such as design, visual communications, business, communications, mathematics, engineering, NTID, and more, hosting 70 in total. Let us say, for example, that you have a B.S. in computer science, and are looking into the M.S. program here. You can take courses within clusters having to do with robotics, cryptography, big data, and more, all culminating into a thesis or project and public presentation.  If you think this sounds similar to your undergraduate studies, you’re right: the layout of the programs are somewhat alike, but the materials studied allow you to advance current skills and move up in your current company, or potentially obtain a higher position even at entry level.
2.       Take advantage of the convenience factor. Most RIT graduate courses are taught in the late afternoon and evening. That way, you can enroll as a part-time or full-time student, and still work at your original or a new position during the day.  Additionally, adult and continuing education programs here allow transfer credits, offer certificates, and have partnered with the Yellow Ribbon Program. RIT faculty, staff, and fellow students make it possible to work and attend school simultaneously.
3.       Connect with company recruiters. As an alumnus, you are most likely aware of our career fairs. Although alumni are welcome to attend, it would not hurt to inform a potential employer of your Master’s candidacy and studies. It is optional for most Master’s students to complete a co-op, but researching what attending companies are looking for may ultimately lead you to see that they value a continuous pursuit of more training and education.
4.       RIT provides tuition benefits for employees of the college and for eligible family members. Do you or does someone in your family work for RIT? You could obtain a tuition waiver up to 100 percent! The majority of RIT graduate programs are 30 or more credits in total, so depending on your status as an employee, you could take between 6 and 12 credit hours per term with the benefits provided. Click this link to find out more about your eligibility to enroll in courses using the benefits.
5.       Increase the amount of research you engage in. RIT is heading in a more research-oriented direction, and with that comes a significant focus on graduate students and their work. Several programs end with a thesis or project, such as computer science mentioned above. For instance, RIT graduate Nate Fisk created the Rochester Cyber Safety and Ethics Initiative prior to his graduation, which explores and seeks to correct internet security concerns.  Sanjay Mathur sought to assist consulting companies with his project, Improving Customer Satisfaction in the Telecom Industry Through Improved Project Selection Methodologies. Wherever your interests lie, departments encourage passion projects and outside research, particularly at the graduate level.

Want to learn more? Check out all of our graduate programs on the web! 

By Hayley Johnson, RIT Career Services, Graduate Intern

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